Back to Basics

by Troy Atwood

Despite the cold gray weather in Chicago, or maybe because of it - the new year always inspires me to start the new year with a fresh perspective of myself, my outlook and my surroundings. This year, I’m scaling everything down and going back to the basics.

I’ve always been a fan of using texture and color to add an extra layer of luxe to a space and in keeping with my fresh new outlook, scaling things down to a simpler level of luxe. So I’m particularly inspired by the colors and textures that seem to be popping up everywhere I look.  

I am in love with these Mutina Ceramics / ft. Tierras by Patricia Urquiola at the Locke Hotels in East London. In fact, the color scheme and repetition of pattern is just so relaxing to look at. I think this is a smart way to keep the space simple but still intriguing. I believe it takes the space to another level of sophistication.

In keeping with my back to basics mode, I went back to my love of reading and while looking for something to sink my teeth into, came across this gem. 

I felt like I was meant to find this book!  The simplicity and the color scheme fit todays scaled down aesthetic so well. Luis Barragan was a Mexican architect and engineer. 

Ah mazing!

This is from a modern day space seen on DesignMilk’s Instagram page: 

Very similar concept to Barragan’s. It’s obviously an interiors picture, but the concept is the same, scaled down architecture, great use of color, texture and all very simple. So Fresh!

It’s so easy to fall down the rabbit hole when looking at beautiful architecture. So after endless hours on Instagram and Pinterest. I decided to get back to the real world and check out some of my favorite sites to browse when I’m sourcing objects for projects.  I am seeing a lot of simple geometric shapes but more importantly, scaled down products with very light colors and texture.  A scaled down luxe look is a thing.  I’m on to something!!

These light fixtures from Cedar and Moss are an unglazed matte clay and come in multiple colors and sizes. They are fantastic! 

Scaled down, simpler spaces with an emphasis on color or texture are definitely on trend. People are so busy today, it’s nice to be in a space that helps you feel relaxed, a stripped down version of luxe. No need to try so hard, just sit back and enjoy.

Hope you enjoy the pictures – Happy New Year!!

Troy is an Interior Designer at Sarah Kuchar Studio.  Read more about here here:  The Gang